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Pisa's New Year's Day

Celebrations for Pisa's New Year's DayAccording to its tradition as a former Maritime Republic, Pisa celebrates the New Year twice – not only on the 1st of January along with the rest of the world, but also on the 25th of March.

The Pisans have not forgotten their traditions, and each year they mark the beginning of the year as was their custom between the tenth century and 1749, when New Year's Day coincided with the Annunciation, nine months before Christmas (Anno Pisano ab Incarnatione Domini).

Today, just like then, the beginning of the Pisan Year is marked by a sort of solar clock, a physical phenomenon that is as simple as it is spectacular and intriguing: at midday sharp a ray of sunlight penetrates the Duomo through a round nave window, landing on a marble egg on a shelf surmounting a column next to the pulpit of Giovanni Pisano, on the opposite side.


Rosso Fiorentino. Rosso Vivo.

Rosso Fiorentino. Rosso Vivo.Starting on 23 May, Volterra will be hosting a cycle of art events throughout 2014 and 2015. The opening event is a grand exhibition devoted to Rosso Fiorentino. The artist’s masterpiece Descent from the Cross is the focus of a tribute involving the most prestigious venues in the city.


Angeli - Exhibition by Igor Mitoraj

L'artista Igor Mitoraj con una delle sue opereFrom 17 May 2014 to 12 April 2015 the medieval setting of Pisa's Piazza dei Miracoli will play host to 'Angeli' (Angels), an exhibition by the late Polish artist Igor Mitoraj. The exhibition inaugurates a new space dedicated to temporary exhibitions, created with a view to expanding the cultural offer of the monumental Piazza.