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Olive Oil

Olio - San MiniatoExtra virgin olive oil is one of the finest products of the Pisan territory. Besides its exquisite flavour (worth tasting uncooked directly on bruschetta!) it is also very versatile.

Its full flavour and character means that it can basically be combined with a range of both cooked and uncooked foods and preparations. The olives are chiefly gathered by hand and pressed skilfully through physical and mechanical processes to preserve the particular features of the fruit as much as possible, all contributing to determining the distinctive smooth flavour and fruity aroma of the Pisan olive oil.

Records dating back to the Etruscan age show that most of the “comuni” or municipalities of the province are involved in olive oil production. There are four production areas within the province with oils of distinctive flavour, aroma and colour: the Monti Pisani district, that comprises numerous municipalities to make up the dei Monti Pisani (Olive Oil Road), the internal hills, the coastal hills and the Upper Cecina Valley.

The olives mature wonderfully in these mild environmental and weather conditions, primarily due to the proximity to the sea and the chalky, rocky terrain, to confer characteristics to the oil produced in the territory that have been awarded the Tuscan  IGP (Protected Geographical Indications).

The olive oil products:
- extra virgin IGP Tuscan olive oil; green to golden yellow, fruity aroma and flavour deemed suitable for strong flavoured dishes.
- IGP Toscano “Monti Pisani” extra virgin olive oil ; yellow with green tones, a light fruity aroma and flavour with hints of spice that enhance the flavour of the foods without overwhelming them.