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Ciliegie di LariThe typically Tuscan Pisan hills, unique for the diversity of the landscape and the numerous varieties of products that they offer, are the outcome of the work of the farmers that have always cultivated these lands.

This is more than a land of wine, olive oil and truffles. It is nothing less than the “basket” of orchards that boasts the highest quality products such as the “mora” zucchini and the San Miniato artichoke, noted as far back as the Medici cuisine.Among the other orchard products of particular note are the "pisanello" and "costoluto fiorentino" tomatoes, the Tuscan cauliflower, the pulses (peas, chickpeas and beans) and a rare type of Santa Maria a Monte potato called "Tosca”.

First to the fruit; starting with the Lari cherry, of which there are 19 well known local varieties, then the peach, the “colombana” Peccioli grape, a prized sweet table grape, a slightly elongated, amber coloured grape particularly suitable for drying; the Bientina melons and water-melons.

And let's not forget the finest pine nuts in Italy, which have been gathered in the pine woods of San Rossore and Migliarino for centuries, or the honey that retains the resiny flavour and the powerful scent of the pines of the Mediterranean scrub.

San Miniato is the captial of the zone and, besides being a form of immense truffle ground, it has an abundance of prime quality natural products such as mushrooms, honey and chestnuts.

Calcinaia, Nozza FestivalBreeding is also a point of excellence represented by the Pisan cattle breed; the “Pisan cow”, of tender meat and remarkable flavour, and the Massese sheep, with thin meat, tender and compact and the breed that provides the renowned production of sheep milk cheeses.

The production of salumi (cured meats) is also highly prized to ensure that there is no lack of absolutely original and definitely local cured meat products next to the most diverse specialities, such as the fragrant and tasty “Tuscan style” hams.There are certain typical specialities that stand out for their distinctive, irresistible rustic taste: The “buristo”, a salami made of pig's blood, the wine salami, the “spuma di gota", not unlike pork pâté, the “rigatino”, matured bacon, the shoulder to the “mallagato” black pudding.

Moving on to the sweet side of the Pisan lands is the famous chocolate rice cake, “Torta coi bischeri”, the Tuscan Cantucci almond cookies, the Nozza - a dessert typical of Calcinaia, the Pomarance Ricciarelli (almond cake); in the zone between Pisa, Pontedera and Montopoli in Val d'Arno  a true production «line» of handcrafted and quality chocolate was formed and set in what has been called "Chocolate Valley", which comprises parts of the territory of the provinces of Pisa, Pistoia and Prato. Here, the master chocolatiers experimented and created an exclusive handcrafted chocolate, to become known throughout the world, breaking the boundaries of flavour to become the creators of a veritable “Taste Renaissance”.