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Tartufo di San MiniatoTruffles, one of the most valued and prized natural products, sought by gourmets the world over, are produced in the province of Pisa thanks to the harmonious blend of tradition and environmental quality.

The truffle, of which the most valued is the white truffle, seems to thrive in the distinct wooded environments due the plant type and the characteristics of the undergrowth.

The vast inland area of Pisa, south of the Arno, that runs along the River Era to the natural border of the river Cecina, is the production area of the highly valued white Truffle of the San Miniato hills, exclusive to Italy and the most delicious and fragrant in the whole country. Around a third of the entire national truffle production is gathered along the hills, from San Miniato to Volterra, in the heart of Tuscany, from September to December.

The white truffle of the San Miniato hills is also a world record breaker: in 1954 a truffle of over 2.3 kg was picked at San Miniato and donated to United States President Eisenhower; in 2007 a white truffle of around 1.5 kg was picked at Palaia and sold at the Truffle of Tuscany Auction for a record of 330,000 dollars.

Apart from the white truffle, the province of Pisa produces other varieties of truffle: the marzuolo truffle, that is picked in the Spring; the scorzone and the black truffle.

Between March and November, numerous market shows and sagre dedicated to the “king of the woods” are held in the hamlets of the truffle production zones.

Fresh or transformed truffle based dishes, never mixed however, can be tasted in the restaurants adhering to the “Friend of the Truffle” mark of quality.