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Getting Around

Getting around Pisa

Read more...Pisa's historic centre is almost entirely enclosed by 12th-century fortifications. The city is laid out on a roughly square plan, with each side measuring around one and a half kilometres. The river Arno divides the city into two parts which are known to locals as Tramontana, to the north, and Mezzogiorno, to the south.

Pisa Centrale station is a major railway junction located on the southern edge of the city centre.

Approximately one and a half kilometres to the south is "Galileo Galilei" International Airport, served by the Pisa Aeroporto railway terminal, is directly linked to the central station and the rest of the national network.


Getting around the province

Read more...The province of Pisa in the north-west of Tuscany is a rather diverse and varied territory that can in effect be split into two large areas. The first is an essentially flat area that stretches from the sea,  inland along the Arno valley, to the border that separates it from the province of Florence; the second is mainly hilly and stretches south along the river Era.

Public transport and road network

The Arno valley and the coastal zone of the province are excellently serviced by the railway network and national road network, and by the Pisan Transport Company (CPT) long-distance service.


Useful information

Read more...Speed cameras

Speed checks on our roads are quite widespread and prevalent and drivers can frequently see equipment installed for electronic speed detection. There are, however, signs to inform drivers, with adequate notice, that a speed monitoring device is in operation a short distance ahead or that a mobile police division is in position to monitor this infraction. Drivers are therefore advised to pay close attention to these signs.