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Leaning Tower

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Pisa, Torre Pendente (Foto di Georges Jansoone)The foundation stone of the Leaning Tower was laid during the festival of the Assumption on 9th August 1173.

The Tower bears no signature, which has sparked debates for centuries regarding the original designer and dating of the bell tower's construction.

Evidence shows that the foundations gave way in 1185, resulting in the inclination that led to works being suspended for almost a century.

Giovanni di Simone, who at that time had worked on the Church of San Francesco with its bold bell tower, was called upon to continue the project.

Thanks to the architect’s extraordinary skill in containing the consequences of the gradient, the works continued until the date of the navel defeat at Meloria in 1284. Around the mid-14th century Tommaso Pisano designed and completed the seventh and final ring of the Tower, used as a belfry.

Admission to the Leaning Tower and the other monuments/museums in the Piazza dei Miracoli

The Cathedral is open for tourists and admission is free. To visit the Cathedral only, collect your coupon for a maximum of two people at the ticket office. Entrance for prayer is always allowed into the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

Tickets for the Leaning Tower (€ 18.00) can be purchased online (minimum advance: 20 to 12 days) or from the ticket offices in the square. Booking by phone is not an available option.

Entrance fees for the other monuments/museums (Baptistry, Camposanto, Museum of the Cathedral, Museum of Sinopie) are as follows:

  • 1 monument/museum: € 5.00
  • 2 monuments/museums: € 7.00
  • 3 monuments/museums: € 8.00
  • 4 monuments/museums: € 9.00


Admission for children under 10 years of age is always free, except for the Leaning Tower. For safety reasons, children under the age of 8 are not permitted to enter the Tower.

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