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Casciana Spa

Terme di CascianaTucked away in the pleasant landscape of the Pisan hills, Casciana Terme is a small and comforting town that conserves an ancient and precious heart: its beneficial thermal waters.

History of the Thermal Springs

Legend has it that the curing powers of the waters of Casciana were discovered a thousand years ago by the Countess Matilda of Tuscany. The first thermal pool was built in 1311 at the request of Federico da Montefeltro, but it was only around the mid-20th century that Grand Duke Ferdinand III had the first real thermal baths built.

This led to a great number of developments and events that have made Casciana Spa an important tourist destination, so much so that it has been deservedly dubbed the thermal pearl of Italy. The original structure still displays its elegant facade, the Gran Caffè with its glorious frescoes and the old Casino, today a Convention Centre, has been returned to its early splendour through skilled restoration.

The Spa

Casciana Spa, indoor poolThe thermal waters rise from the Mathelda spring to fill the two indoor and outdoor pools. The large outdoor pool is ideal for fun water games or for simply relaxing under the waterfalls and at the whirlpool massage points and air jets.

Inside the structure are large, comfortable spaces where the bicarbonate-sulphur-calcic waters have been used for centuries to combat arthritis, rheumatism and sciatica.

The modern spa facilities are housed in an elegant building where, in addition to receiving relaxing massages, face and body treatments, sauna and mud baths, visitors can pamper themselves by taking part in yoga, aqua-gym and low-impact exercise sessions.

Terme Villa Borri

villa_borri_okTerme Villa Borri Spa Hotel in Tuscany is located right in front of Casciana Spa.

An old manor house dating back to the seventeen hundreds, it comprises 22 farm homes which have been perfectly renovated in typical Tuscan style. Each of them can accommodate 2, 4 or 6 guests on a bed & breakfast basis.

The Spa & Wellness Center is located in the Villa. The adjoining building is a spa trail made up of: spa swimming pools, turkish bath (hammam), saline pools and emotional showers.

The unique treatment and wellness rooms are accompanied by ample space which makes them ideal spa suites.

Beyond the Thermal Springs

The charming location allows guests to Casciana Spa to take peaceful strolls and unveil the marvellous natural surrounds and picturesque hamlets steeped in art, history and ancient traditions.