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San Giuliano Spa

Terme di San Giuliano, Bagni di PisaThe beneficial effects of the water of San Giuliano Terme were noted as long ago as the Etruscan and Roman ages, when the first structures were built to make use of the thermal springs.

The current look of the elegant thermal building is due to its recent renovation, returning the setting to the splendour of the 18th century when it was the summer residence of Grand Duke Francis Stephen and was one of the social hot spots for nobility throughout Europe.

The works were directed by world famous architects and the pre-existing layout was followed to a tee, in order to remain true to the interior decoration. The suites are particularly interesting, each having been dedicated to a renowned figure whose life has somehow touched upon the history of the structure.

Relaxation and well-being at San Giuliano Spa

San Giuliano Spa is the ideal place not only for those in search of the therapeutic benefits of the water, useful for rheumatic, vascular and respiratory illnesses, but also for anyone in search of a relaxing holiday, taking time out to be pampered far from the hectic rhythm of everyday life.

Bagni di Pisa, Hamman dei Granduchi (Photo by Massimo Lenzo)The health spa is divided into two main programmes, water and oriental, which intertwine to create an experience to suit and satisfy all clients.

Between massages in wonderfully furnished oriental style cabins, relaxing baths in the splendid thermal pools, a short spell in the Hamman dei Granduchi, a natural cave where the thermal water flows from a small waterfall, and a peaceful walk in the Zen Garden, it seems that immersing oneself in a sense of peace is not so difficult after all.

Exploring the environs of San Giuliano Terme

The location of the Terme di San Giuliano is another major attraction. At just a few kilometres from Pisa it is surrounded by the evocative landscape of the Monti Pisani, ideal for relaxing walks or outings on bicycle or horseback to explore the natural and historical-artistic beauty that radiates throughout this land.

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