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Uliveto Spa

Terme di Uliveto, Parco termaleBountiful springs of health-promoting water rise at Uliveto Spa that stretches along the narrow level band extending between the northern bank of the Arno and the southern slopes of the Monti Pisani.

Strolling in the thermal park

Passing through the elegant 19th century facade, which was completely renovated after the Second World War, visitors come to the structure deep in the thermal park.

Uliveto Spa owes its notoriety to the prized water that has been valued since the late medieval period. Uliveto water has an unmistakable flavour and is rich in mineral salt to make it an ideal accompaniment for meals. Besides aiding and regulating the digestive system it is very suitable for consuming before, during and after sports activities as it maintains balanced hydro saline levels.

Pamper yourself at Uliveto Spa

Uliveto Spa is the perfect spot for taking care of yourself by not only drinking the prized water but also placing yourself in the capable hands of professionals who coordinate personalised wellbeing programmes designed to re-establish the physiological balance naturally. The lush green grounds are perfect for simply relaxing while taking in the landscape and the modern swimming pool offers swimming and aqua-gym courses.

There is a great deal of other options for outdoor sports or recreational activities. Visitors can enjoy yoga or low-impact exercises, strengthen the body and the mind through martial arts, have fun playing tennis or trying their hand at archery.

An enjoyable outing

Vicopisano, NoceA visit to Uliveto Spa can also provide a pleasant opportunity for visiting the stunning area, distinctive for the incredible variety of natural environments. Passing from the green woods of the Monti Pisani to the evocative limestone scree is a spectacular live show, especially with the lights of the setting sun. In addition to nearby Pisa, another highly interesting destination is the Monumental Chartherhouse at Calci that can be reached in just a few minutes by car. There are, of course, charming medieval hamlets perched on the green hills to safeguard a magical timeless atmosphere.